Our lovely diploma facilitators Jay and Marg are pleased to also provide one on one mentoring and coaching sessions. Jay is also a qualified counsellor and is offering this service.

Packages are available, please contact us for more details.


Life Coaching

Coaching is a service that assists a person to grow, gain personal insight and ultimately move forward into a more desirable reality. This is a modality that allows the responsibility of growth to be solely with the client/person seeking assistance. The role of the coach is to merely reflect and present different viewpoints and to question in such a way that assists the client to uncover their own answers and understandings. To evoke awareness and facilitate client growth are two very important core coaching competencies. The client is known to be the expert in their own life and they choose the direction of each session. Coaching is a tool that assists a person to unlock his or her own potential and to gain clarity. It is about moving forward and is facilitated through deep listening in conjunction with the wise use of questioning.




Mentoring is a service that is largely driven by the client and will see the mentor acting as a guide in which encouragement, wisdom and guidance is offered. The Mentor is often (yet not always) in a position personally, professionally and or spiritually that the client would like to be. Commonly the Mentor has walked a similar path in which the client is embarking; therefore has valuable knowledge and insights to help with their journey.

A client is usually drawn to a particular mentor because of his or her specific life experience, knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It is through this relationship that the client can learn how in their own unique way to move towards their goals. A mentor will use active and deep listening techniques and will assist a mentee to undergo self-exploration and examination to determine where they are at and get clear on where they would like to be. A mentor can help a mentee forge there own way forward in the direction of their desired outcome and reality.


Holistic Counselling

Although there are many different streams of counselling it is most often about healing, resolving and accepting something or things from the past. Here at the Harmony Centre we take a holistic approach to all our services and counselling in no different, which means we take into account mind, body and spirit. Together we will go about identifying and bringing resolution to issues in a person's history or current circumstances that are inhibiting him or her from moving forward or fully realising their potential now. Counselling is very reflective and a counsellor will use deep and active listening in conjunction with other therapeutic qualities so to create a warm, nurturing and safe space for a client to undergo self-review and reflection. A healthy therapeutic counselling space will allow a client's issues to come forward so that they can be processed, learned from and ultimately healed. Counselling is very much about healing self and harmonising the past so to be free in the present. A client or person seeking help will undergo his or her own self-exploration while being held in a safe and encouraging space by the therapist. Counsellors use wise questioning and reflection to assist a client reveal and uncover that which is holding them back.