New Men Arising (NMA) is a growing Perth based men’s group. We offer online and in person classes each week for men who are genuinely interested in personal spiritual development. This is for men who are tired of the superficial and shallow experiences so prevalent in society and who want deeper connection. It is for men who know there is more to life and desire to know what that more IS. A place for men who genuinely wish to self-discover, heal, learn and continuously grow into wiser and more authentic versions of their self.

“The days of being as hard as a rock with zero emotional intelligence/maturity or connection to our feeling nature as men is over. However, it isn’t about becoming so effeminate that we forget, deny, suppress or shun our more masculine qualities. - Jay D Birch

So where is the balance with all of this and what is it to be a man in this modern day and age?
This is a space where men can explore and share openly. We are letting go of archaic beliefs around what it is to be a man and supporting men to take off the masks and remember a deeper truth.

We want to champion men to get real, uncover deep purpose, experience greater freedom,  and be examples in the world of how a man can bring him self to life in a new ways.

Are you a man that is struggling with an apparently mundane existence and feels trapped?
Are you a man that finds himself struggling to manage his emotions?
Has the spark that you once had seemingly been put out?
Are you leaning on external experiences to feel “good” and ok about yourself?
Do you want to experience trust, real friendship and support?
Do you want to feel ok in your own skin without the pretense?
Do you want more love, wisdom, compassion, truth and authenticity?

Maybe there is something here for you!


Facilitated By Jay Birch from The Cosmosis Mentoring Centre and Global Coaching Academy.

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