Course fees are in Australian dollars. 

For overseas students, we use Wise to receive funds at the best exchange rate and you can pay from your account in your currency to our account in our currency without costly fees. We like the ethos of this company and find it a simple way for overseas students to join our course. You can find them at

The cost of tuition for the Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation is $12,500AUD.

We provide an interest-free monthly payment plan via direct deposit for all students.

Your first payment as a deposit is $2600AUD which secures your place in the course and covers the costs of enrolment, pre-learning materials, the induction intensive workshop and training materials. This includes a non-refundable portion of $600 which covers your enrolment fee, your enrolment administration, setting up your account and your pre-learning pack.

Then there are 11 monthly payments of $900 each month, paid in advance, due on the first day of each month (or the next business day).

Your course fees include:

Training – including 3 intensives
Fortnightly or weekly webinars via Teams
Guest presenters and coaching demonstrations
Formal and informal Assessment Opportunities with detailed feedback for ongoing professional development
Facilitated group mentoring sessions on course tasks/activities and post-qualification career/business plans (optional). Individual sessions are available if required.
3 counselling sessions (optional) to support you as you explore your inner world
9 x 45 minute coaching sessions (with a trainee coach) on topics of your choice
Supervised practice groups (including tutorial sessions with a variety of tutors)
Written feedback for 6 of your coaching sessions
3 hours of professional coaching supervision as you work with pro bono clients
3 hours of one-on-one mentor-coaching as you work with your pro bono clients
Training materials and personal development tools downloadable from the website
Training manuals, one of your compulsory text books and a set of coaching cards to use with your clients or yourself
Access to online forums for student discussion and sharing resources
Class recordings to re-listen and review in your own time
Student support via telephone and email as required
Issuing of your Certificate and academic records
Interest free monthly payment plan

Additional costs not covered by your course fees:

Additional counselling sessions are available at a cost if you need more than the 3 free sessions offered to each student.
Paid account for recording your triad sessions (we recommend Microsoft Teams or Zoom)
Transcripts of your recorded coaching sessions for assessments and mentor-coaching
International Coaching Federation accreditation fees and costs
International Coaching Federation accreditation exam
International Coaching Federation membership
Text Books
Phone Calls
Internet fees
Travel to intensives
Accommodation at intensives
Recommended/suggested reading materials
Replacement certificates if yours is lost or destroyed

Refund Policy

We understand that this course may not be for everyone. If you are not 100% happy with your new career choice training, if you need to withdraw or postpone your studies for any reason, or if you are not committed to creating real and lasting transformation using the methods and practices we teach you, or if you are not keeping up with your work and not handing in work on time, you are able to withdraw gracefully by submitting your intention to us in writing and your payments will cease the following calendar month and you will be refunded pro rata for fees paid in advance.  You will be issued with a statement of participation for the hours of training which you completed.

Further details of our refund policy: If you withdraw from the course prior to commencing the first intensive, you will receive a refund of any monies received less the $600 enrolment fee. If you withdraw after day one of the intensive, a further $750 will be withheld. If you withdraw after day two, a further $500 will be withheld. If you withdraw after day three of the intensive you will not receive any refund; however, you will also not be charged any further course fees. If a student withdraws at any other time during the course, they must advise us in writing; a prorated refund will be granted, and no further payments will be expected.