Led by Belinda Baillie, Jay Birch, and Marguerite Carney, Global Coaching Academy (GCA) is a group of dynamic and caring individuals committed to leaving a positive global footprint and making a positive impact on the world through education, working together as a mutually interdependent team. Our aim is to create a community of coaches committed to high standards of ethics and practices who choose to make the world a better place through teaching coaching, mentoring, and interpersonal relating.

We exist to support and serve our students, holding ourselves accountable to high levels of ethics and standards, and passing those high expectations on to our students so that when they graduate, they will go forth into their chosen fields and operate with integrity and high standards. 

We enjoy working with students and feel honoured to be part of a small global movement fostering kindness, caring, ethics, diversity, harmony, and planetary stewardship as our students graduate and move into the world. We are proud to be teachers, coaches, mentors, tutors, and facilitators for our students.

The GCA team have been working together, growing, and developing for the last 17 years and have become a strong, informed, and skilled group of discrete coaches with coaching businesses which work together to mutually benefit one another and the students who participate in our course.

What We Stand For

Our Vision

A new wave of education which incorporates coaching, mentoring, leadership, well-being, psychological clarity, integrity, self-accountability, and self-awareness.

Our Purpose

Provide excellence in training through our courses including leadership development, mentoring, coaching, well-being, mindfulness, social responsibility, planetary stewardship, ecology, and sustainable business practices.

Our Values


Do all that you do with love, joy, respect, kindness, humility, and wisdom. Above all else, cause no harm.

Our Ethos and Culture

Global Coaching Academy members choose to uphold the following ethos and culture through the following dedication and commitment to all our clients and students for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

- The client/student is the most important person in our business
- The client/student are not an interruption to our work, they are the purpose of it

- Our business is dependent on the client/student. Clients/students are not dependent on us
- Our client/students do us a favour by allowing us the opportunity to serve them
- Nobody can ever win an argument with a client/student; if you argue with a client/student everyone loses
- Client/students bring us their wants and needs in the area of professional/personal growth, and we enjoy and are grateful for the opportunity of satisfying those wants and needs
- The better we serve, the better we profit...personally, spiritually, financially, locally, and globally