EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF INFINITE ALCHEMY ESSENCES – a shell essence blend created especially for you, to support you in your current phase.

Available as a spray in lavender or rose, or as drops in a glucose base or alcohol base.

Infinite Alchemy Essences are a simple yet profoundly supportive way to help you overcome obstacles, achieve goals, or move through current challenges. The essences won’t do the work for you, that’s your job, but they will support you to feel and face what you need to in your quest.

I will create a blend especially for you to work with based on what you tell me. You can share a paragraph of what you are currently facing, or exploring, or hoping to achieve. Perhaps it is support for study to help you focus, or something to calm you at night for a good night’s rest, or to help you feel a bit safer in the workplace, or to achieve your professional goals.

This is not about fairy tales, knights on white horses, or snake oil – as a coach and counsellor, I will listen to your heart’s yearning, and create a blend to work with you as you do the work to accomplish your life’s tasks. The sprays have a lovely scent which can calm the mind and settle the body – these are available in rose or lavender. However, not everyone wants a spray or scent, so I make dropper bottles using alcohol as a preservative, or, for those who don’t tolerate alcohol, I have a glucose base.

You can book a 50 minute video conference session with me, and I create a blend as we work together, or you can simply email me and make your request in writing and I will create something inspired by your sharing.