Studying with Global Coaching Academy involves a ten month journey where you will learn the art and science of coaching, mentoring, presenting, creating workshops, faciliation skills, effective reflection practices and much more, set on a foundation of the ancient wisdom of "Know Thyself".

Who we 'are' is how we show up in our lives - whether that be professionally, personally or with ourselves.

The energy that we ARE in truth is like an ice-berg - only 10% of it is above the watery line of our consciousness. Jung was one of the early proponents of bringing the unconscious to consciousness in order to be more aware, more awake and more conscious.

We know we are Souls journeying through eternity. We are so much more than the flesh and bones we walk around in. During our course, we support you and walk alongside you as you reflect on your inner landscape and how that affects your outer landscape. You are the co-creator of your destiny. By bringing more of yourself to consciousness, you unfold into more of who you truly are and become less limited by your unconscious patterning and programming.

If this sounds like something you enjoy doing - or would like to know more about how to do this - have a ponder on whether studying our Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation with us may be something for you.

In addition to the "Know Thyself" work, which underpins the course, there is structured, practical learning.

There are three face-to-face intensives as well as fortnightly classes which can be done in person or via webinar, plus tutorials, supervised practice groups and group discussions via phone to support and deepen your learning.

Modules include:

The Art and Science of Coaching

Practical Mentoring


Basics of Coaching Psychology

Adult Learning Principles

Creating workshops

Essential Presenting Skills


Effective Reflection Practices

The work is largely experiential and highly practical, as we want YOU to know you can do the work and have confidence in yourself and your capacity.

Contact us if you would like an info pack.