this IS the work...

the work of coming to consciousness

it is not easy

it bloody hurts
and contained within the hurt is the healing
for in the end, all IS Love
 and the Love IS the healing
and the hurt is the healing
so feeling is healing and love is healing...

Go where the love is.

Love is not always about feeling good or happy-happy
it's gutsy, painful, raw, ragged and agonising
yet within the agony is contained the ecstasy
for without the pain there is no growth and no path to love.

It's our judgement of pain and trying to make the world how we want it to be which causes the pain
so learning to let go of the judgement and acknowledge the experience
and experience the love contained within the pain
and loving that…
that is the path to true inner serenity and harmony...

and ultimately you end up a little bit more enlightened along the way


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