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The Inspiration Alchemist

Worry, worry, worry… so much time and energy spent worrying about money, career, jobs, kids, partner, siblings, friends, other people’s reactions and opinions, being too fat, being too thin, too pale or too dark; we worry about the future, the past, the present, possibilities and non-possibilities, potential success and potential failure, dreams never chased and dreams yet to be grasped, we worry…. aaaah! too much!

What are we doing?

We are raised in a culture of worry. We are taught that to love someone means to worry about them. We are duped into believing that in order to stay in control of our future, we have to worry about it. We are told that worrying about all of life is being ‘realistic’ and having a solid head on our shoulders. We are told that those who worry are those who care. And so, confined to a human condition surrounded with…

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