YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for. Be the change, be the warrior, be the one you’re waiting for and stop looking around to everyone else.  They’re all too busy looking at their phones anyway to even notice that we’re in trouble.

If the world seems to be lacking in Love – then YOU bring Love to the world – even the bits that are hard to love – bring your love to help that unlovable thing raise its vibration.

I don’t mean that you condone or tolerate that which must not be tolerated – I mean you bring Love to the hurting parts, the scared parts, the scarred parts and allow love to heal, to uplift and to change the things that want to be changed.

If the world seems to be lacking in kindness, tolerance and patience – then YOU bring those things to the world – sprinkle that stuff everywhere!!!  Bring compassionate understanding to all the wounded things, the frightened things and the lost things.

Every single one of us have it within our power to Love – without condition. Every single one of us can be the difference we want to see in the world… small or large.  Nothing ever changed because someone sat around waiting – it changed because someone did something… tried something… believed in something… inspired someone…

Be that kind of someone in whatever capacity you can.


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