Here are some tips and hints for happiness I’ve learned:

  1. Take some time every day to sit and connect with yourself. How are you? I mean REALLY. Stop for a moment and take a breath. How ARE you? Still the whirling thoughts of how you think you are or how you think you should be and just relax for a moment. Be still and be here.

you are hereNow

How are you? Really?

Breathe, feel and let go.

The very act of stopping, honestly feeling what’s going on inside from a compassionate perspective (that means stilling the opinions of the mind) can help you clear your thoughts, get back in touch with your inner self and set your feet back on track if you’ve wandered off a bit.

It’s kind of like resetting the compass or checking your direction and making any needed adjustments. It reassures you that you’re on track or alerts you if you’ve gone off on a tangent. This relieves any nagging internal stress and anxiety running just below the surface because you now know for sure where you are and can take action if you need. The important thing is to breathe, feel and let go.

Remember that one? Why not give it a go right now.


dripping leafBreathe


Let go

2. Know what’s important in your life. I mean truly important, not just status or ego important, but honest and for-real – what matters to your heart and soul? If you only had one more day to live or one more year, what would you choose to give your time and energy to that would make you smile with contentment upon your death-bed and say, “That was a life well-lived!”

Imagine getting the end of your life and looking back with regret at all the things you didn’t get to do – the hugs you never gave, the love you never shared, the times you could have said those words that would have made a difference – those opportunities will be gone and how will you feel?

Wouldn’t you prefer to get to the end and smile with contentment? You can start that process today! Take stock of where you place your focus and energy and do an audit on your attention. Those things that scream the loudest get the attention, but they may not be the most important things.

Here’s a handy tip. Imagine how it would feel if you did this on a regular basis?


rock towerStop

Take stock

Reassess – what’s really important?

3. Following on from step 2, this step will get you back in the driver’s seat.

This is your life. Own it! Who are you letting run it?

You know, everything you currently do is because you made a choice. You aren’t a victim to anything, but too many people tend to get caught up in thinking they ‘have’ to do something because somebody else ‘makes’ them or ‘made’ them. Every choice we make has some effect in our life. Even choosing not to make a choice – that’s a choice!

By owning that you are the one who created your situation by playing some part, no matter how small, you immediately have more control over your own life. Just like that! Acknowledging your role in your circumstance frees you to begin adjusting and changing that role, releasing you from feeling stuck or in a space of ‘but I have to….’. It gives you the power over your own life and your time.

Now here’s a really important key. Being mad or resentful doesn’t help. Neither does giving yourself a hard time for dumb choices. Just like we reset the compass – breathe, feel and let go, now you need to let go any judgement that you made a dumb choice – acknowledge, by all means, that the choice could have been better, but you made it with the best of intentions at the time. Now you know better. Stuff happens. Just own it and move on.

The second really important key is to be grateful. ‘Whaaaat?’ I hear you say. Yes. I mean it. It’s like having a magic potion in your pocket. A sip of gratitude and the world looks very, very different. Go on, give it a go. Find a silver lining. If there was one tiny thing about this situation that might be something to appreciate, what might it be? Now really feel it. Let yourself be grateful. Hint – thinking about it’s not the same as feeling it. Go on. I’ll wait. Remember the let it go part? Do that. It will help.



Don’t judge

Be grateful

4. Okay – now here’s your part. What do you want to differently now? Now that you know how to stop, breathe, feel and let go, you’ve reassessed and you now own your situation with a touch of gratitude, where to from here? What could be different for you?

If you were able to wave that magic wand and feel differently about how you spend your time, what new life do you now have? Who is in it? Who do you need to let go gracefully? What will you give your time and attention to now?

It may be that you continue to live your life doing the things you were doing before, but you feel different on the inside. How you relate with things changes. Life is a little brighter for you. Perhaps nobody will notice on the outside, but you feel shiny and new on the inside. You know you are the driver in your life and you live each day with gratitude and love, even in the moments it’s bumpy, because you know you have a choice and you know that your choices brought you here. It’s YOUR life and you are living it.

In each moment –

rainbow woman dance




Let go







Make your life a life that is lived by choice, not by chance.

This creates a sense of inner peace and the ability to cope no matter what life throws at you.


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