My secret super-hero identity is the Harbinger of Change. I am the phoenix rising from the ashes of my secret pain and past. That which once paralysed me now fuels my Spirit as I rise and rise again.


Will I encounter pain in the future?

Most assuredly.

Will I stumble and fail?

Of course.

Life is a series of events from which we can grow. Experience is the goal, gratitude is the key. Do I always remember this? Oh, how I wish! I am a work in progress. Far from perfect I cringe at my own foolishness in moments before I remember to take life in and turn it into love.

There is change on the wind, rawness in the air, new beginnings are a-foot. I know not what, but I know it breathes and I hear its breath as it draws nearer. Be not afraid. Although it may appear fearful, that which is unfamiliar is simply that which is not yet known.

I turn and face the future. Stop running. Stop hiding. Stop fearing. Stand, instead, and look life squarely in the face. This is my life, my experience, and all that appears before me I will be able to handle. I know this to be true for I am still here. I rise from the ashes of my past and look to create a future with love, hope, compassion and wonder. I take life in and, with gratitude, I transform through my experience.

I take life in and turn it into love.


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