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this IS the work...

the work of coming to consciousness

Here are some tips and hints for happiness I’ve learned:

  1. Take some time every day to sit and connect with yourself. How are you? I mean REALLY. Stop for a moment and take a breath. How ARE you? Still the whirling thoughts of how you think you are or how you think you should be and just relax for a moment. Be still and be here.

Feeling comfortable enough in your own skin, in company or alone, is an art that isn’t taught well enough in our society.

One of the toughest things you’ll face is letting go of one of your heroes.

a lovely sharing from an amazing mentor in my life. ?

Hamster wheels – we all have them on the inside. Something happened to us one day in some barely remembered past moment, and BAM! In that moment we made it mean something and set it in stone.  And since then, every time something that even remotely reminds us of that original incident we hop on our hamster wheel of expectation and recreate the same thing with the same outcome.