Myth busters...

Exploring a new paradigm of Coaching, Mentoring and Interpersonal Facilitation, what it is and what it isn’t, from the perspective of GCA heart based philosophy and our graduates.


Ever felt obliged to ‘make it better’ for your client and take their discomfort away? Or judge that their struggle is something that should be fixed? I know I have, and I thought that it was my job as a professional Mentor, Coach or Facilitator to do that. There have many instances over the years where I have felt extremely uncomfortable with what a client was bringing to the room and I responded by wanting to fix it. I eventually discovered that it was something to address in myself that I was attempting to ‘fix’ in others.


I discovered how disrespectful and unkind this can be for clients, to judge that something is good or bad about what they are experiencing. But what should the outcome be for a valuable coaching session? I was under the impression, especially in today’s professional world of Mentoring and Coaching that this very linear outcome based approach is what is expected as value for money, making me a credible coach.


On my journey, I learned that true heart based Coaching, Mentoring and Interpersonal Facilitation is about being respectful of the process and experience of the client, knowing that they have the resources within themselves to heal and grow and it will unfold as it needs to, in a way that is meaningful for them. It doesn’t mean that the client can’t be challenged or supported, but I need to be mindful not impose my judgments upon them, thinking that I know what’s best for them, even if I can see something in them that they cannot yet see in themselves. It’s more of a partnership held in trust and integrity, and with a duty of care towards another’s heart.


Helpful questions for me have been What are my motives in this situation? How well I am caring for my own heart? Am walking the talk? Am I able to just accept what needs to be healed in myself and not judge that? For me, this is kindness in action for both coach and client.

Lisa Danza‍ 
GCA Graduate
Founder of Evolveatwork. Visit Evolveatwork for more information.