I didn’t do it slowly or gracefully.
I rose too fast in a blaze of glory,
I crashed and burned, time and time again…
More times than many have even tried.

Each time I learned, I grew, I flew and fell again.
And I got up again.

This is my long way home.

I am not patient. I take aciton.
I am not graceful but I am grateful.
I am not passive. I am raw. I am gusty. I am here. I AM.

I will arrive at my final destination with stories to tell - of Kings and countries,
Of droughts and floods,
but more, I will have stories of love and pain,
Of attempts, of failures and of successes and of rising from the ashes.
I will have stories to tell of journeys, of living, of sircuitous journeys, and I will have LIVED.

I am the girl who took the long way home.