Mentoring and coaching is a relationship which helps you traverse from where you currently are to where you want to be.

It's a co-creation where your mentor or coach walks alongside you in a supportive role, acting as a sounding board, a space-holder, a mirror, a respectful challenger, a patient obsersver, a curious seeker and many more roles to help you find your way, your path and how YOU want to achieve your results.

A mentor has wisdom and life experience in the things you want to achieve, yet won't impose his or her way on you, rather will gently guide you to find your way and share any insights around potential pitfalls they have encountered.

A coach doesn't necessarily need to know or be an expert in the field of endeavour you're seeking to work within, but a good coach has a way of seeing things from a different perspective that you hadn't asked yourself about before, and so offers questions to get your creativity flowing without imposing opinions or judgements.

Taking a longer term approach creates longer-lasting results and supports you to keep going and remain committed when the initial enthusiasm has waned.

However, spontaneous coaching or mentoring sessions when you need them are a way to give you a short term boost when required.

However YOU want to work is up to you. It's your life - make the most of it!


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