The thing that's important to remember is that we don't want to 'get back to how things were' because they were inherently flawed to begin with.

We want to step bravely into something new which may not fully exist yet.

It won't be done by most of our current leaders and politicians. They are an intrinsic part of what's wrong with the current system. They won't want to lose their wealth and status - they are afraid of not having it - don't judge them, but don't condone them either.

Something has to change - and it must change from the ground up.

Together we can hold a vision for a new way - we may not yet fully comprehend exactly what that 'way' is yet, but we can certainly demand of the system that it changes to a more equitable, sustainable system which serves everyone, not just the elite 1%.

Let it crumble and let us rise in the new and not try to rush back to what seemed comfortable and familiar - that way didn't work.


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