Humans are hard-wired for change. It’s in our nature to ask questions, to seek, to wonder. We dream and imagine. In a world that is constantly changing, the old question, “Are we ‘there’ yet?” can never be definitively answered because ‘there’ keeps shifting. We must constantly shift and adapt, learn, unlearn and relearn if we want to keep up. We must constantly re-invent ourselves. To do this successfully, we must first know ourselves well. We must be self aware.


A major focus of our life coaching and mentor training is gaining psychological clarity and emotional maturity. What does that mean? It means clearing out all old lose-lose patterning and programming from our minds and fully maturing the emotional aspects of ourselves which may be a little knocked around from less than ideal role models and upbringing.

Many people settle for mediocrity in life. This course in life coaching and mentoring is not for those people. This course is for those who want to be the best they can be in whatever their chosen field is.

As you work through the processes and lessons of this course you will be uncovering the true You! This is the gift that you are then able to take out into the world and share with others. Your greatest gift is bringing all of you to everything you do, your work, your relationships and your dreams.

Imagine a world where everyone on a voyage of self discovery – each supporting the other, unconditionally. The truth is prized and ‘success’ has a new meaning. Imagine a world in which the predominant thinking is in the spirit of “Let us co-create, let us co-operate...” instead of “I want.....”. Imagine being inspired and inspiring. Through our life coach and mentor training program, let us walk alongside each other to bring out the best in you.

As we stand at the dawn of this new era, flooded with ever-changing technology, bombarded with information, it can be challenging to discern the truth from illusion. Now is the time to change our focus. We need to learn to think differently, see in a new way, gain knowledge, undertake responsible leadership and to set a good example for those around us. Are you ready?

Life coaching and mentoring is a rewarding and fulfilling career. You can use life coaching and mentoring in your current workplace, in your family life, in your sphere of influence, set up your own life coaching and mentoring practice or work with a group of life coaches and mentors. There are many ways to work as a life coach and mentor. Unleash your imagination and your potential.

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own."  Benjamin Disraeli


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