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Belinda Baillie MCC - facilitator, coach, mentor, senior tutor, supervisor and course creator

Belinda is the course creator and the head and heart of Global Coaching Academy.

She has been working with people in a mentoring and coaching capacity for over 30 years, formalising this into a career around 15 years ago.

Her passion is creating - whether it be artwork, courses or well-rounded mentors and coaches - Belinda immerses herself in bringing her best to her clients, students and artworks alike so that they shine and bring more love, hope and joy to the world.

Belinda has formal qualifications in education, (a Grad Dip) as well as being a Master Certified Coach, artist, actor, agriculturalist (yes, really!) and many other odd bits and pieces which all weave together to bring a unique skill set to her career.


Julie Skinner PCC - facilitator, senior tutor, mentor, supervisor

Julie is a credentialed coach (PCC), mentor, coaching supervisor and facilitator with a background in mental health nursing.

She co-facilitators the course with Belinda and loves the opportunity to support students development.

Julie operates her own business CoreTrue offering coaching and clinical supervision, mentoring and coaching.

She is the published author of "Nursing by Heart: transformational self-care for nurses" (2015). Her book offers both an introduction and ongoing support for all who care for others and are looking to deepen their own self-care and reflection on their practice.

Julie’ s qualifications include Diploma of Coaching, Graduate Certificate in Health Leadership and Certificate IV Training and Assessment


Jane Bowles ACC - facilitator, senior tutor and mentor

Jane runs her own life coaching business www.holisticways.com.au in Western Australia. In addition to life coaching Jane also offers mentoring, workshops and bodywork.

With many teaching years experience in British secondary schools and colleges, Jane enjoys working with people who are seeking new skills, new ways of being and deeper connections to themselves, other people and the planet.

Jane brings a holistic approach; taking into account all aspects of life including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Originally from Britain Jane has enjoyed physical activity, sports, travel, hiking, camping, and exploring the natural world throughout her life. She has understanding for anyone seeking to adapt to new lifestyles. She believes in courage, persistence, kindness, patience and values a good sense of humour.

Jane holds a variety of qualifications: BSc in Sports Science & Geography, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (teacher status), Life Coaching, Mentoring & Inter-Personal Facilitation Diploma, Diplomas and Certificates in Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, and various sports coaching
qualifications. She is a member of the ICF with an ACC credential and a member of IICT.



arlene smaller
Arlene Miller PCC - senior tutor and mentor-coach

Arlene Cohen Miller is an A-V Rated Attorney (highest), a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and a Senior Mentor and Tutor with the Global Coaching Academy.  She has been tutoring and mentoring our students for the past 7 years and we always have great feedback about her from our students.  

Arlene is an expert at negotiating and communicating from the heart.  She has successfully structured and monitored thousands of settlements, and has helped people from all walks of life to communicate more authentically and effectively,

Arlene is currently the CEO of Jewel Consultancy and specializes in leadership coaching and mentoring for women.  www.jewelconsultancy.com
She is passionate about supporting women in their unique journey to help them create the life that they desire, both personally and professionally, the life that lights them up and makes theirs hearts sing.

Arlene brings a wealth of training and experience to help women compassionately and wholeheartedly lead themselves so that they can make a heartfelt difference in the world.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Emory University, a Juris Doctor from the University of Kentucky College of Law and is one of our outstanding graduates of our Certificate IV in Mentoring and Coaching.  

Arlene is the recipient of the prestigious President’s Cup for lifetime service to the Commercial Law League of America, and currently volunteers at OUT Boulder, co-facilitating a weekly support group for Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies of transgender men, women, teens and children.


indra small
Indra Keliuotis ACC - senior tutor

Indra has been a tutor with the GCA since 2017.

In her own practice she coaches and mentors women in Banking and Finance to create extraordinary lives…sober.  She also is a Mentor, Case Manager and Residential Manager at LEAP for Ladies in Miami, Florida which supports formerly incarcerated women to put their lives back together again in a new empowered way. 

Indra brings a strong intuition and deep sensitivity to her clients and many clients say that she has a unique gift for helping others gain the courage to go to places where they are normally afraid to go. Her clients compliment her on the safe space she holds for them as they expand into their best selves.

Indra has been passionately coaching business people globally since 2002.  She is fascinated with languages and cultures having lived and worked in 10 countries and visited 86 countries.  Indra is an ACC accredited coach by the International Coaching Federation. Prior to coaching, she has worked as a high school Maths teacher, an Investment Banker, an Equities Trader and a Consultant. When she is not coaching, she is painting, singing, meditating swimming in the Atlantic Ocean …or bicycling the streets of Miami.


Asifa Ali - holistic counsellor, student support, coaching supervision, tutoring, facilitating the ethics module

Asifa Ali is a holistic counsellor as well as a coach and mentor.  She is also a professionally qualified chef and had a brief foray into primary school teaching on her way to finding the modalities of coaching, mentoring and counselling where her true interest lies.  She worked for many years in the field of Fostering & Adoption and as a commissioner of supported housing for vulnerable adults.

She is passionate about ethics and their practical application in everyday life, and this encompasses her work as a mentor for people on their personal and spiritual development paths.

Asifa has been an integral part of our team for a few years now and her role includes facilitating  the module on ethics,  as well as using her mentoring and coaching skills to support students who are going through the various self-reflective and awareness exercises during the course.

Her ability to truly listen and sit with people serves her well in her role within the school, combined with her gentle manner and wisdom she brings a quality which helps our students feel they really CAN push through the difficult times.

In addition to her coaching, mentoring, counselling and chefing qualifications Asifa holds a B.A. Honours Degree in French and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Primary Education Studies.


claire 1 
Claire Newman - senior tutor and occasional facilitator

Claire's passion is being with people, really being with them, fully listening and walking alongside them.  Claire recognises that we all have immense inner resources and talents and that we need to get quiet enough to be able to hear ourselves and hear what the very next step that is in alignment with our core knowing is.  

Claire enjoys the variety of working with people both in a Life Coaching and Counselling context.  That could be with clients who are wanting assistance to get clear on their personal goals, overcome any obstacles and achieve what they set out to do. Or clients who wish to pause for a moment, reflect and perhaps take some time to heal what they have been dragging along with them, which might be popping up as ‘issues' or ‘problems.'   She feels that it is a privilege and honour to be able to work with people and assist them, she is known to be empathic, intuitive, compassionate and attuned to her clients.

All of Claire's work has involved elements of coaching, tutoring and caring for others.  Twenty years ago she worked in Mental Health in varied fields such as ICU, eating disorders and addictions.  After pausing and needing a reset, she then trained as a Maternity Nurse and Nanny, looking after newborn babies and children.  

Claire now runs her clinical practice in London offering both Life Coaching and Counselling sessions after qualifying in our very first coaching intake.  She also volunteers at a low-cost clinic as a Psychotherapist in advanced training, while she completes her final months to gain her Masters in Relational Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.

Claire holds many qualifications including a Diploma (Level 6) in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapeutic Counselling,  Cert IV in Mentoring and Coaching,  Diplomas (Level 4) in Reflexology, Holistic Therapies, Aromatherapy and Nutrition, OCN Maternity Nurse and an NVQ 3 in Business.    Claire is also a member of UKCP, IARTA, EATA and Metanoia Institute and works within their ethical framework for clinical practice.


Sue Goodwin - tutor, coaching supervisor, holistic counsellor, trainer

 Sue is a qualified Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor, and Trainer.   She has extensive experience in mental health recovery as a coach and mentor and is an experienced group work facilitator in many areas of personal development.
Sue holds an empathetic and exploratory space that assists people to draw out the threads of feeling and experience to weave richer insight, compassion, integration and inspiration.
Sue has walked an interesting and varied path of study, work and travel, and considers herself a deep explorer of life and the human condition.  
Her interests include music, mosaic, writing, history, politics and bush walking (particularly in her native New Zealand).


Liljana Marsanic - student support and tutor

 Liljana is a qualified Life Coach and Transformational facilitator, who started her career in Research & Development and since has gained experience in the fields of; human resources, sustainability, health &  wellbeing, and mental health.

She has experience in both in the corporate sector and small business management, facilitating groups, as well as working with individuals 1:1 . She currently facilitates training sessions relating to recovery in the context of mental health, whilst contributing to the growth and learning of students in The Global Coaching Academy supporting their self-reflective work.

With over +10years experience in the personal development sector,  Liljana's passion is assisting people seeking change to feel more deeply connected to their self and lead a meaningful life, and to connect, teach, support and share with others that are looking to find balance that comes from living an integrated life: health in the physical , emotional, mental and spiritual spheres of life.


John Kurzer - admin and general mr fix-it

John  offers a richness from life experience having lived a varied and interesting life ranging from working in management at a young age, working as an aged care nurse, running his own small business, circling Australia twice solo on a motorcycle and more. He has been part of the team since the early days of GCA.

John has a diverse range of skills including greeting you at the gate at the first weekend, managing your rosters of student peer coaching, handling general crisies and running all manner of errands. He is a trouble shooter, maintaining the grounds and repairs, keeping things running smoothly, and managing the administration department.

He holds a Diploma of Holistic Counselling and our original Certificate IV in Mentoring and Coaching.  

His quiet, calm wisdom is valved by the team and students alike.