a lovely sharing from an amazing mentor in my life. ?

Humans are hard-wired for change. It’s in our nature to ask questions, to seek, to wonder. We dream and imagine. In a world that is constantly changing, the old question, “Are we ‘there’ yet?” can never be definitively answered because ‘there’ keeps shifting. We must constantly shift and adapt, learn, unlearn and relearn if we want to keep up. We must constantly re-invent ourselves. To do this successfully, we must first know ourselves well. We must be self aware.

Here are some tips and hints for happiness I’ve learned:

  1. Take some time every day to sit and connect with yourself. How are you? I mean REALLY. Stop for a moment and take a breath. How ARE you? Still the whirling thoughts of how you think you are or how you think you should be and just relax for a moment. Be still and be here.

Mentoring and coaching is a relationship which helps you traverse from where you currently are to where you want to be.

It's a co-creation where your mentor or coach walks alongside you in a supportive role, acting as a sounding board, a space-holder, a mirror, a respectful challenger, a patient obsersver, a curious seeker and many more roles to help you find your way, your path and how YOU want to achieve your results.

My secret super-hero identity is the Harbinger of Change. I am the phoenix rising from the ashes of my secret pain and past. That which once paralysed me now fuels my Spirit as I rise and rise again.

Some people watch what happens, some people wonder what happened, and other people simply step up and make things happen.

This is your moment to step onto the bridge from where you've been towards where you're headed. You're ready... are you willing?


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