this IS the work...

the work of coming to consciousness

Hamster wheels – we all have them on the inside. Something happened to us one day in some barely remembered past moment, and BAM! In that moment we made it mean something and set it in stone.  And since then, every time something that even remotely reminds us of that original incident we hop on our hamster wheel of expectation and recreate the same thing with the same outcome.

We hear a lot about effective reflecting as a catalyst for change – but what does it actually mean and how can you apply it to your life and circumstances?

One of the toughest things you’ll face is letting go of one of your heroes.

Tis the season to be jolly and all that. For many this time of year is an exciting one, filled with hope and anticipation of gathering with family and friends, feasting and celebrating with loved ones and both giving and getting loads of presents that will delight and amuse everyone. For others it can be a time of great anxiety. Will there be enough to go around? Will there be fights and feuds on the big day? Will they like their presents? How will I pay the bills after this?

Feeling comfortable enough in your own skin, in company or alone, is an art that isn’t taught well enough in our society.