Our Ethos and Culture

happyAll Staff, students and members of Global Coaching Academy choose to uphold the following ethos and culture for the mutual benefit of all concerned:

  • the client/student is the most important person in our business
  • the client/student are not an interruption to our work, they are the purpose of it
  • our business in dependent on the client/student.  Clients/students are not dependent on us.
  • our client/students are doing us a favour by allowing us the opportunity to serve them
  • nobody can ever win an argument with a client/student; if you argue with a client/student everyone loses
  • client/students bring us their wants and needs in the area of personal/spiritual growth and we enjoy and are grateful for the opportunity of satisfying those wants and needs
  • the better we serve, the better we profit...personally, spiritually and financially

It is anticipated that all students abide by the same ethos and culture set out here.


Global Coaching Academy seeks to uphold and maintain high benchmarks of ethics and clarity in all who are part of our organisation.  Whether they are students, facilitators or team members, all are bound by and adhere to our strict 'Code of Conduct'.  This is to ensure a high standard for clarity and integrity in line with our vision, mission and purpose.

All students of Global Coaching Academy will be  issued with a copy of the 'Student Handbook'.  This document clearly outlines and identifies the responsibilities of the Student, as well as the operational and compliance policies of Global Coaching Academy as a registered training organisation. 

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