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Life coach. Life coaching. Personal development. Australia.

  • I love to help people
  • I am able to listen well
  • I’m curious about others and what makes them tick
  • I am non-judgemental and see everyone, regardless of race, beliefs, colour, size, life choices, career or educational background as spiritual beings having a human experience
  • I am flexible and enjoy change and new experiences
  • I am patient
  • Unconditional Love is an important aspect for the new paradigm we are moving into
  • I have an open mind and an open heart
  • I have gained wisdom through my life experience and would love to share it
  • I want to understand myself better so I can understand the world more
  • I want to be a leader and teacher of Life through the example of my life
  • I want responsible world leadership
  • I envisage a world where we all care for one another and live in harmony
  • I believe in the inherent magnificence of the human spirit
  • I am able to hold unshakeable resolve in the face of doubt
  • I believe in ethics and equality
  • I want to be of service to others and to the planet
  • I have a spiritual and/or holistic outlook on life
  • I am ready to step up
  • I know and accept responsibility for my choices and the results of those choices
  • I want to work in a career that has meaning and purpose
  • I am ready to succeed and achieve my goals and help others do the same
  • I want a career where I can be self motivated and self actualized
  • I want a career with flexible working conditions and a range of options


If you answered yes, or would like to answer yes to these questions, coaching and mentoring could be for you!

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