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lorraine-town Lorraine Town

Lorraine has 30 years experience facilitating Personal Development and Stress Management courses for TAFE Colleges, the Department of Adult Education, Community Houses, the Alfred Hospital, the Department of Corrections and privately locally and interstate and has presented overseas.

Lorraine was a founding member of the Natural Health Care Directory in Melbourne and the Insight Foundation in Perth and is presently employed by The Growth Group as a Life Coach.

Phone now for an appointment 0408 379 703

Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
Certificate IV and Advanced Practitioner Certificate in Life Coaching.
Committee member of the International Coach Federation.
Licensed ‘Print’ facilitator (Psychological evaluation tool)
Level 2 Reiki practitioner

My passion is to assist, inspire and empower others to discover and live, their highest potential. Whether that be in relationships, expanding or moving into a new career, reawakening creativity or purely rediscovering who you truly are.

The journey holds enormous potential, for each has a story that is still being written.

segolenecloseWebSegolene King

Segolene works as a senior mentor for the Global Coaching Academy, a senior mentor and course-writer for Cosmosis™ Academy and runs her own business called Feminine Source Academy.

Segolene founded Feminine Source to offer a wide range of personal growth services especially designed to empower women, allowing reconnection with our innermost wisdom and truth; and to assist the healing and balancing of relationships between men and women. Services for men are also available.
Some of her more spiritually oriented work invites students into an authentic exploration of the Sacred Feminine.

Her work with Global Coaching Community focuses on actively supporting students wishing to achieve heart-mastery, spiritual development and personal integration in a grounded, authentic way.

Services offered by Segolene are:

  • Individual or couples Coaching & Mentoring sessions and readings
  • Online courses with Feminine Source Academy
  • Regular workshops and events
  • Personal Empowerment Mentoring with Feminine Source Academy
  • Personal Spiritual Development Mentoring with Cosmosis™ Academy
  • Free articles and regular newsletters

Segolene's qualifications in include:
BA International Business and Languages
Cert IV Mentoring and Coaching
Cert IV Training and Assessment

Please contact Segolene: (+61) 08 9407 4310 / 0410 303 169
or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Feminine Source Academy website

 claireClaire Newman

"My passion is to assist others going through great change, who ask themselves there must be more than this? How can I lead a life of meaning and to make a positive difference on the planet? What would bring joy, contentment and love to my life? How may I extend myself to others?

New Possibilities Consultancy is here to assist those seeking to go on an inner voyage to explore such questions, who desire to tune into their own innate wisdom, discover their uniqueness and embrace their full potential.

As a coach and mentor I walk with you along your journey, asking effective questions and engaging communication so that you come to your own 'ah-ha' realisations, so you are truly empowered.
I am here to assist you to uncover your heart felt truth and share an abundance of tools and processes to melt away the resistance and self sabotage to create real lasting change and an awakening of new possibilities to flourish from within.”

Claire has diverse experience and qualifications. She has a background in human resources and a variety of nursing fields such as mental health forensic, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, eating disorder rehabilitation and community support work. Claire has worked extensively with children and teenagers in supporting and encouraging them to dream, play and discover who they truly are.

After training as a Holistic Therapist and moving to Australia, Claire commenced her training with The Insight Foundation.

Now in London, Claire founded New Possibilities Consultancy and offers her services as a Life Coach, Mentor and Personal Growth Facilitator.

Claire offers a variety of classes, self mastery teleconferences, webinars, workshops and one-to-one sessions. She is a writer for New Age Tribune and Voyager Esoteric and Voyager Growth Magazine, and a tutor and guest speaker for The London College of Spirituality

* Transformational Coaching & Mentoring Sessions
* Personal Success Mentoring in con-junction with the Global Coaching Community
* Corporate coaching programs
* Regular workshops
* Variety of empowering classes - parental classes, self mastery classes, meditation classes, women’s sacred circle
* Inspirational Speaking events
* Free Articles and regular newsletters
* Complimentary 20 minute introductory Call

Certificate IV Mentoring and Coaching
Cosmosis® Facilitator Group Level
VTCT Diploma in Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Please contact Claire for further information and your complimentary personal introductory one on one : (+44) 07905 870460(+44) 07905 870460 / 020 8133 0906020 8133 0906
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Possibilities Consultancy website

"You have the Answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it." ~ Pat Obuchowski

Linda-LLinda Lawson

Linda Lawson, MA in Ed, Life Coach ,Mentor, and Facilitator resides in a richly diverse neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado ,USA.

Her coaching and mentoring practices guide clients to increase their ability to be in harmony within themselves and in their sphere of influence.

Linda acknowledges her first class training and life experiences for providing clients with excellent tools to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Acceptance, appreciation, respect, enhanced communication (with self and others), increased productivity, joy and hope can be a natural result of her services.

Linda’s business, RISE, offers clients small group and private life coaching and mentoring. As a professional facilitator and presenter, she offers engaging, interactive workshops for educators , public servants, and interested groups of individuals. She also co–facilitates weekly, global meditation and self mastery teleclasses.

"Embracing Loss…Accepting the Gift", "Freedom Begins Within", and "Loving Self …Anyway" are current areas in which clients may choose to participate. Linda welcomes your invitations to inspire members at your next group function.

Ms. Lawson is a partner in Jewel Coaching and Mentoring in Longmont, Colorado. She is also a founding Affiliate member of the Global Coaching Academy in Perth, Au.

For more infomation, please visit or email Linda on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


elke emerald


I have a long commitment to enabling others to find their direction and strength in life. I have taught in primary schools, technical colleges (TAFE) and University and have had a long career as a scholar and researcher in education. I bring rich life experience and a wide variety of skills and insights to my coaching, mentoring and speaker training. I have the Certificate IV in Mentoring and Coaching from the Insight Foundation together with a PhD in Education, Graduate Certificate in Adult Education and Reiki Master/Teacher certification. I have undertaken speaker training and have trained in the Australian Bush Flower remedies.

I have experienced birth, death and many things in between, including, parenting, marriage and divorce and travel. I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, partner, teacher, learner, employee and business woman. My spiritual journey has been rich and varied and my spiritual life is the mainstay of who I am

I bring these qualifications and experiences to offer you high quality Coaching and Mentoring and Public Speaker Training, from a place of integrity.

I am a social entrepreneur. For me, the purpose of business is to enhance the quality of life both for those directly involved in the business as co-workers or clients, and for all living creatures on planet earth. elke indigo:life directions supports activities that contribute in positive ways to the lives of humans and animals by tithing to registered charities.

As your Coach and Mentor my focus is you. Your life, your dreams, your hopes and how you are going to live the life you deserve.



dianne(1)Dianne Smith

As a personal growth facilitator, mentor and coach my aim is to be a supportive guide and positive motivator for anyone who feels it is time to create change, to let go and grow to their full potential.
My passion is to make a real and tangible difference in the best possible way, to be creative and to enjoy happiness and enthusiasm in the everyday details of life.

I provide compassionate support to discover a new awareness and feeling of confidence from knowing where you are in your present reality. From this awareness you discover the ability to face up to challenges and to take responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions. This new perspective opens up new possibilities for creating positive changes and taking the necessary steps towards an inspired future.

Life is a journey to ENJOY. Let your beauty SHINE.

Bachelor of Commerce
Certificate IV in Mentoring & Coaching (currently finalising assignments prior to graduation)

I live in the hinterland on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland where I enjoy walking on the beach, being in the rainforest and sharing the abundance of locally grown food.

Dianne Smith
Discover Inspiration
P: (07) 5471 1674
M: 0407 481 480
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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