Some common questions.....

Would I make a good coach? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

Take our quiz and ask yourself how many of the following apply to you (or how many would you like to apply to you?)

  • I love to help people
  • I am able to listen well
  • I’m curious about others and what makes them tick
  • I am non-judgemental and see everyone, regardless of race, beliefs, colour, size, life choices, career or educational background as spiritual beings having a human experience
  • I am flexible and enjoy change and new experiences
  • I am patient
  • Unconditional Love is an important aspect for the new paradigm we are moving into
  • I have an open mind and an open heart
  • I have gained wisdom through my life experience and would love to share it
  • I want to understand myself better so I can understand the world more
  • I want to be a leader and teacher of Life through the example of my life
  • I want responsible world leadership
  • I envisage a world where we all care for one another and live in harmony
  • I believe in the inherent magnificence of the human spirit
  • I am able to hold unshakeable resolve in the face of doubt
  • I believe in ethics and equality
  • I want to be of service to others and to the planet
  • I have a spiritual and/or holistic outlook on life
  • I am ready to step up
  • I know and accept responsibility for my choices and the results of those choices
  • I want to work in a career that has meaning and purpose
  • I am ready to succeed and achieve my goals and help others do the same
  • I want a career where I can be self motivated and self actualized
  • I want a career with flexible working conditions and a range of options

If you answered yes, or would like to answer yes to these questions, coaching and mentoring could be for you! Email us for more information.

Some Common Questions Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth Australia.

  • Do I have to want to become a coach or mentor to take your courses? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Australia.

No. Many individuals from a wide variety of careers and industry or members of various organizations areas take part in our training for their own interest, personal and professional development. They find it increases productivity, self awareness, creativity and the ability to deal with the issues of daily life with more grace and ease.

  • How long does it take to complete the training? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Australia.

The course has been designed to be completed in 9 months year with an optional 12 week business and marketing component for anyone wishing to set up and run their own business. As the work is assessed as you go, much of your assessments will be completed by the end of your training and your final project (assessment) can become the flagship of your business if you so choose.

However,if 'stuff happens' and you need more time to complete your work we have an extension policy which can be applied for.

How any hours do I have to set aside each week to complete the course?

We recommend about an hour-a-half per day would be perfect – that means around 12 hours per week which includes your coaching practice in your groups of three.

  • The course is online with 3 face-to-face intensives. How much support will I have during training? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Australia.

You will be grouped into supervised practice groups of 3 to hone your coaching and mentoring skills with one another. Different tutors will be assigned to your practice groups to give you valuable feedback and tips on your coaching and mentoring.

  • What does it cost and how can I pay for it? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Australia.

We offer an interest-free investment for your studies which will be paid off over the 9 month period of your studies.

The cost of the course is $6250AUD. The initial deposit of $1300AUD must be paid before commencement of training with the balance of the course fees spread over the 9 months of study with us in monthly instalments of $500. Global Coaching Academy uses Ezi-debit, a secure financial institution in Australia, to process your monthly fees for your Life Coaching Coach Training Course in Perth, Australia with us.

Of your deposit, $300 is non-refundable as it includes your enrolment processing fee and a donation to a not-for-profit charity which provides educational scholarhships for approved Australian course. The Transformational Mentoring Group Incorporated is our chosen charity to support. It is a not-for-profit association which provides scholarships for those with a vision, a project and life purpose to make a difference but are unable to afford to study the course which will make their vision a reality. The Transformational Mentoring Group will review all applications based on individual merit and award part or full scholarships for accredited Australian Courses to Australian residents and citizens based on the vision and merit of the project with preference going to those who are financially challenged but otherwise able to actualise their vision and project.  Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Australia.

  • What others costs will there be?

We work to keep costs to a minimum for you. Some of the additional costs include:

Text books
Transport, accommodation and meals during the 2 intensives.
Calling cards or telephone costs for teleclasses.