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Who are we and what do we do?

We are a training organisation based in Perth, Australia offering courses and workshops in Mentoring and Coaching; Effective Reflective Practices; Emotional Presence and Intelligence; Communication Skills; Essential Presenting Skills; BEING Your Personal Best; Overcoming Procrastination; Staying Centred in a Chaotic World and a whole host of other topics which we can customise for any group or organisation.

In 2014 we began the process of shifting our flagship course, Certificate IV in Mentoring and Coaching (52350WA) over to an Internationally recognised qualification - a Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation.

This was achieved at the end of 2014 and we are very proud to offer our students this well-rounded training program at a Diploma level.

It is still the same great course, which has been Australia's only nationally recognised qualification in both mentoring and life coaching training, however, now it is much more responsive to our students' needs as well as industry needs due to less red tape and tiresome paperwork.

Whether you are interested in taking our Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation, or chatting to us about our customised non-accredited training and short courses, seminars, stand-alone workshops or mentoring programs for your small business, for your large business, for your community group or for industry, corporate or government departments, we would be happy to talk with you or send you a prospectus.

What is our history?

Over the last ten years, Global Coaching Academy has evolved its life coach training program to become what it is today.

Our humble beginnings were as a small registered training organisation offering one accredited course - our Certificate IV in Mentoring and Coaching. This was a course that was created by Belinda in response to a need she saw in the marketplace to train, not just coaches, but also mentors, trainers, presenters and well-rounded facilitators.

The course went through the rigorous process of being accredited and re-accredited over the past 7 years, growing and changing based on what we observed was requested by students and industry alike.

As we grew, we found that being bound and constricted by the mountains of paperwork required to be 'nationally accredited' began to detract from the flexibility we needed to stay current and relevant for each new intake of students.

In 2014 we have decided to leave behind the restrictions of 'big brother' and stand on the success of our 7 years of training brilliant mentors and coaches, delivering customised training to the likes of the Departments of Education in different states in Australia and host of other corporate clients and government departments.

March 2014 was our last intake of offering the Certificate IV in Mentoring and Coaching. Instead we now offer our own ICF accredited coach training program, Global Coaching Academy's Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation. You will get the same unique training as the Cert IV, but it won't need to cost you an arm and a leg.

What do you get by studying with us?

Our course is the only one of its kind, combining the art and science of core coaching skills based on the International Coach Federation's guidance with mentoring and interpersonal facilitation skills. 

We know that mentoring is a valuable way to learn, grow and actualise more of your innate potential and our vision is to assist the expansion of awareness of a mentoring culture and all its benefits.

By the time they graduate, our students will have undergone solid training in more than just the art and science of mentoring and coaching - they will have become a product of the product and will be representing a new wave of mentors across the globe.

Our graduates learn effective self-reflection and self-awareness skills which allow them to be the clearest possible mirror for their clients, co-workers or circle of influence.

What does a mentor or coach do?

There are 11 keys to being a great coach and mentor. These are reflected in the International Coach Federations' 11 core competencies which underpin the entire course.

Things such as presence, trust & intimacy, active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication, creating awareness and insight, ethics, finding out what the client really wants and then helping them plan to achieve that while assisting them to manage their progress and accountability.

A great coach and mentor knows how to iniate self-directed insights in the client. Sadly, there are still some who believe that mentoring and coaching is just 'telling someone what they should do' without assisting the client to discover and learn for themselves.

A great coach and mentor enables their clients to discover meaningful and relevant solutions for themselves, while holding a safe space and guiding the client to that discover due to the mentor/coach's own journey and expertise.

Who could you become...... and what might you achieve with the help of a mentor?


A mentor can help you transform your life, become the best you can be, get more out of life and love being YOU.

Imagine that for a moment.

Humans are magnificent when stretched. Just look at the acts of heroism and courage which occur in times of trouble. Movies depict the struggle and the triumph of the human condition where the ordinary man overcomes the challenge and finds out who he is and what he is made or, the ordinary woman rises to discover her inner strength as learn what she is capable of in the name of love.

In times of challenge, we find our best when our backs are against the wall. But what about when we go about our daily lives? How can we challenge ourselves, discover our very best and rise to become something more than we believed we were capable of? This is where having a coach or mentor can assist you to shine without having to become battle scarred or wounded and weary.

These are times of transformation and you can transform with grace and let go of the need for suffering to create that transformation. That is SO last paradigm!

Our focus is the transformation of humanity - assisting you with YOUR transformation if you choose. This is part of the healing, for you and for all life on earth. Transformation is occurring, and it is sure to touch every life on this planet. Our task is to participate in preparing humanity for this change, and in surrendering to this path we find that humanity are not just subject to this awesome event, but co-creators of it. We are here to be conscious participants; to learn to generate this transformation not only in our own lives, but also in the lives of all around us, just as all the great saints and sages throughout history have demonstrated through the living revelation of their unconditional love and self-mastery. We endeavour to influence transformation within all aspects of civilisation. Our mission and purpose is to fully embody our mastery and potential as human spirits, to embody unconditional love and wisdom on all levels of our being and most importantly, to teach others to do the same.


Our students and graduates are poised to become new paradigm entrepreneurs. A new paradigm entrepreneur takes the vision of a social entrepreneur one step further, enlarging it into a vision of global entrepreneurship and transformation. We envision a new paradigm based on equality, tolerance, compassion, harmony and love.

A social entrepreneur is similar to a business entrepreneur: a person with a brilliant innovative idea and the drive and skills to make it happen. However, the fundamental difference between a social and a business entrepreneur is that a social entrepreneur perceives success in terms of benevolent social profit, rather than financial profit. A social entrepreneur primarily has a philanthropic bent.

Social profit is about successfully and creatively solving problems or improving conditions in our modern societies or countries in need. Projects of social entrepreneurs tend to improve or revolutionise systems and conditions impacting disadvantaged groups. Social entrepreneurs will launch, manage and see to completion projects that benevolently address needs in certain realms of society or nations, often third world countries.

What is a new paradigm entrepreneur?

New paradigm entrepreneurs take this concept further. Their focus is global and all encompassing. They restructure and revolutionise fundamental modes of human activity to shift the world into greater balance and harmony. Al Gore is a great example of a global entrepreneur. His vision and passion to create world-wide awareness about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has galvanised action which continues to revolutionise individual, consumer, commercial and government policies and practices in ways that may halt the chaos and imbalance of global warming and bring about alternative, clean, green, sustainable practices. The result will be a new paradigm for sustainable living that will become the norm.

Likewise, new paradigm entrepreneurs recognise the need to revolutionise aspects of human activity in such ways that create lasting legacies for the betterment of humanity and the restoration of planetary harmony.

The underlying goal and motive of new paradigm entrepreneurs is to infuse the qualities of care and loving concern into the very fabric of human civilisation, so that people are living, thinking, feeling and acting in their highest potential, in themselves, with each other, across the world, and with the planet. Global entrepreneurs inspire and bring forward new ways that see people and the rest of the planet evolving hand-in-hand into harmonious balance.

The Global Coaching Academy seeks to train and network new-paradigm and social entrepreneurs, to create links to industries and mentoring around the world and assist the refinement of their heart’s inspiration and knowing. True insight into one’s vision propels social and new paradigm entrepreneurs to completion of their projects. Being well-trained in success mastery and well-networked and mentored ensures the drive to transform humanity can come to fruition. The inter-locking team effect of hundreds of entrepreneurial projects transforming the world in various areas of human activity at the same time will increase the velocity and depth of change. The world CAN be a beautiful place. Are you with us?

The Global Coaching Academy: Integrated philanthropic model


Philanthropic donations often see a large part of their amount used to cover administration and corporation costs. At the Global Coaching Academy, we want to avoid this. To this end, GCA donates one tenth of its income to support the Transformational Mentoring Group Incorporated - a not-for-profit incorporated association providing leadership training and education, so that all donations made to support the association’s vision and goals to provide an alternative from the 'greed is good' mentality which was so rampant a few decades ago.

The Global Coaching Academy wants to ensure that lines of communication and rapport with partners are always open, clear, honest and accountable. To this end, we provide all our partners with periodical reports on the use of donations and contributions, the achievements of our new paradigm entrepreneurs and the progress of entrepreneurial projects.

We welcome you and hope we may be of assistance to you soon.

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