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DISCOVER WHETHER THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

Do you:

  • Enjoy working with people
  • Love watching others grow and shine
  • Genuinely and compassionately care about people and our planet
  • Value relationships more than material possessions
  • Want to grow, learn and self-actualise and help others do the same
  • KNOW that there is more to life than simply the things you can see, touch and hear
  • Want to understand more about the 'energy' that happens in a conversation

Do other people:

  • Often turn to you for advice or someone to listen to their thoughts & feelings
  • Feel safe enough with you to share their deepest fears and successes
  • Tell you that you have great listening skills
  • Enjoy being around you

Would you like to learn more about:

  • What is the magic that happens when you're 'in the zone'
  • How to be more of Who You Truly Are
  • How to help others be more of Who They Truly Are too
  • The value of gentle humility, vulnerability and authenticity
  • What living a 'balanced life' would be like for you
  • How to integrate your unique expression of YOU into your work and your life
  • Great processes and techniques to keep your own energy clear and light in challenging moments
  • How to let go of old patterns that are limiting you and become the best version of YOU that you can be
  • How to create an ethical business doing something that makes you feel purposeful
  • How to express yourself and communicate in a clearer way
  • Down to earth skills and tools you can use right away from the moment you learn them
  • How to make a living doing something you love
  • How to share the wisdom you have gained with others in a way that is meaningful
We have real solutions and tools which teach you this
And so much more! Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.
Our internationally accredited Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation takes the skills you already have and builds on them, enabling you to uncover more of your essential Self, let go of the need for masks and make-believe and live a more authentic version of the Real You.
Learn in a down to earth way, gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to be an amazing mentor, coach and facilitator, and, if you would like to take it further, you can also take the additional module to learn how to build a successful business for yourself or take your new-found wisdom into your current or future workplace. Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Australia.

What will I learn? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

1. Clear communication skills

  • Communicate effectively – listen deeply, question powerfully
  • Direct vs indirect communication
  • Create awareness through how you communicate
  • Not all communication is 'words'
  • Fierce conversations can be fun

2. The 'energy' of the conversation or communication

  • The 'space' in which communication occurs and how to make sure it's as clear as possible for best outcomes
  • The relating and relationship of the people in the conversation or communication
  • Presence, trust, intimacy as vital keys in clear communication
  • Who are you 'Being' when you communicate?
  • The practice of 'lightness'

3. Coaching, mentoring and facilitation Skills

  • Models of coaching, mentoring and facilitating - what is the difference and when to use each skill 
  • Conducting a session, creating a safe space and facilitating a meaningful conversation
  • Establishing an agreement and staying on track in a conversation or facilitation
  • Results require action - how to design actions, plan and goal set and maintain progress and accountability with yourself and your clients
  • Create and facilitate workshops based on the 'coach approach'
  • Essential presenting skills to help you feel confident and comfortable being authentic in front of an audience

4. Life skills

  • Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in personal and professional relationships
  • Authenticity, vulnerability, gentle humility and why these are important keys to being your True Self
  • Psychological clarity to help you remain centred and aligned in your heart when things are challenging
  • Energetic hygiene to systematically uncover and let of limiting patterns, behaviours, beliefs and things which may be holding you back
  • Effective reflective and self-awareness practices to enhance your ability to self-actualise

5. Ethics and how they relate in today's world

6. Business Skills (optional 12 week module)

  • How to market yoursef authentically
  • How to set up and run a small business as an expression of YOU

Why study with the Global Coaching Academy? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

Our main points of difference include:
many handsEnergetic hygiene – what does that mean?
Have you ever felt drained after being around some people or some situations? We have simple and effective tools for addressing this which begin to work immediately as you apply them in your life. We teach you how to keep your psyche and your energy clear and protected so that you can be the clearest mirror for your client.

Heart-based learning
– what does that mean? Many courses address mind-sets and thinking patterns, which is great and necessary, but we go one step further and bring the Heart into the equation. We all know there are things we ‘should’ do... we know this with our heads, but why don’t we translate that into our lives? Because the feeling hasn't triggered.... the Heart hasn’t been involved yet.

Learn how to get in touch with your most authentic tool – your Heart and your Feelings – and change the way you interact with the world!

Mentoring and Interpersonal Facilitation – this is a coaching course. Why do we include this? Because our research showed that people want mentors these days more than coaches. They are looking for people with the skills, knowlege and understanding of the potentiual pitfalls in areas they want to move into. Essentially, they want someone who has 'been there/done that' AND knows how to empower and enable them to do it their own way, not just follow orders or be 'told' what to do. Mentors need coaching and interpersonal skills to help the protege or mentee to deeply question and reflect, for themselves, on what they want, how they want to get it and what they want it to look like or be like when they do. 

We believe that everyone has a wealth and richness of life experience that they can share with others. Wouldn’t you have loved someone to come along and share some real wisdom with you in the moments you were struggling?

be an encouragerAnother of of our key points of difference is YOU!  --We believe that the people who are drawn to this course are amazing and unique individuals who bring their own unique energy and wisdom to the course. We love to help you grow and become more of who you really are so you can go out into the world and make a difference

 In addition, we offer: Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

*3 deeply experiential face-to-face workshops throughout the duration of the course to enhance your learning and give you opportunities to practice new skills safely and in real time with your fellow students

*Flexible blended in-person and online learning – study in between our face-to-face intensive workshops from home or anywhere in the world – all you need is good phone and internet access.

*Trained mentors and support groups – each student is allocated study groups as well as a mentor who works with them one-on-one, sharing the secrets they have learnt along the journey.

* Mentor-coaching AND coaching supervision sessions included in the cost of your course fees

*Learn how to completely rethink giving and receiving feedback so that you look forward to hearing how you can be even more amazing!

*Affordable, interest-free payment plan. Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

*The course is fully accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the world-wide governing body for coaches. You can gain your International credential with the ICF through the Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP) route which we support you with.

*Regular live coaching demonstrations – there will be regular live teleconferences where coaching will be demonstrated by different coaches and mentors to give students the opportunity to hear different coaching and mentoring styles. The methods used within the session will then be discussed giving students the opportunity to discover more about how a session runs, what methods are used and why. These will also be recorded and will be available for purchase as a learning resource.

*Structured buddy system to support your growth as a coach and a mentor – this is in the form of coaching and mentoring groups of three to practice coaching and mentoring with one another, where you practice coaching and mentoring one another in a safe and supportive environment.

*Ongoing support in the form of an affiliate program once you have graduated with monthly teleconferences featuring such things as a different professional development focus each time; links on the website; ongoing mentoring to keep you and your business growing.

How long is the course and when does it start? Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

9 months with a further 12 week optional module on marketing and business planning.

Currently there are two intakes per year commencing in March or April and July or August (depending on our current training schedules). These time frames do vary, so like us on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/GlobalCoachingAcademy?ref=hl and stay up to date on our latest information

How is the course taught? ife Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

The course is delivered through blended learning, which means there are some components which are delivered face-to-face via workshops, some componenets delivered via teleconferences and webinars which are attended online or via phone.

The course commences with the first of the 3 face-to-face intensives. This is the induction intensive and lasts for a full 3 days over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It gives students an introduction to the art and science of coaching skills. It a mix of a little bit of 'chalk and talk' to introduce each topic with interaction, then each topic has practical and experiential activities for the students to then DO the work and learn by doing.

Immediately after the workshop the fortnightly teleconference/webinar classes begin (on a Monday afternoon at 5.30pm to 7pm Perth Australia time). These classes are interactive with students sharing ideas, asking questions and participating in learning activities during each call.

A mix of theory and practical skills taught in an interactive way to cover the varying and different learning styles of everyone.

The second face-to-face intensive of 3 days duration is held 4 months later. This workshop is on essential presenting skills and is highly activity based with much more 'doing' than 'teaching'. 

The final 2 day face-to-face intensive will be held at the conclusion of the course and will be, once again, all about 'doing'. It culminates the course's work with students delivering a short workshop or interactive presentation they've created which is aimed at training a group of people, using a coaching and mentoring approach.

Notes and resources are available on the website to download and work with regularly. There are also a number of books to purchase and read, about which students will submit a reflective written piece on what they learned or gained from working with the book.

The teleconference classes are held fortnightly on a Monday evening (from 5.30pm to 7pm Perth time).

Students will be allocated triads in which to practice coaching and mentoring one another. These will be supervised by a tutor and provide richly rewarding opportunities to learn, practice, reflect and grow as a coach and mentor. There will be a total of 27 triad calls which students arrange at times to suit each triad and their tutors.

Ethics is another important piece of our culture. There will be group calls where students will be divided into groups of 4 to discuss a series of case studies and ethical dilemmas with one another as peers. These calls will be facilitated by a tutor who will hold the space and contribute to the conversation from time to time to help students consider angles they hadn't seen before.

Additionally there will be other teleclasses as we bring different experts in their fields to come and share their wisdom with us.

The teleclasses are an important part of the training and your accreditation and must be attended with a minimum of 80% in person and the remainder may be caught up by listening to the recording of the call and submitting a written piece on whaqt the student learnt from the call and how they could use the learning in their life.

How will I be assessed? ife Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

The point of assessment is two-fold. We want to know that you know. And we also want YOU to know that you know.

As the course is designed to be as experiential as possible, much of how we will assess you will be by observing you DOING and BEING. In addition there will be written self-reflective pieces to be submitted regularly as well as a final written exam to make sure we know that you know, and also to assist you to express and discover what you now know.

How many hours do I have to set aside each week to complete the course?
Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.
We recommend about an hour-a-half per day would be perfect – that means around 12 hours per week which includes your coaching practice in your groups of three.

How flexible is the course? ife Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

The 3 face-to-face intensives are a must (and they're fun). For the teleconferences, triads, webinars and other calls, you can study from home or anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access – even while travelling. This means you can keep working or bringing up your family while you study.

The fortnightly calls can be accessed using either your computer or your phone, so you can dial in from anywhere where you have access to a phone or internet.

If, for some reason, you are unable to make one of the classes, the calls are recorded and the links to the calls are available to you free of charge to download and listen to again and again. Whether you attended the class in person or are listening in later, the recordings are a great resource for you to listen to the call over and over to really learn and integrate the material.

What does it cost? ife Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

The cost of the Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation is $6250. Life Coaching Coach Training Courses in Australia.

We provide an interest free payment plan where you pay the deposit of $1300. This includes a non-refundable portion of $300 which is your enrolment fee and a donation we make to a not-for-profit charity, then you pay 9 monthly installments of $550 via ezi-debit.

We use Ezi-debit, an accredited financial institution who will directly debit your account of choice on the first of each month, as a secure method for protecting your fees.

What others costs will there be? ife Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

We work to keep costs to a minimum for you. Some of the additional costs include:

Text books – there will be up to 6 text books - a reading list will be provided once you enrol.

You will also be responsible for your own travel, accommodation and meals during the 3 intensives.

Additionally you will be responsible for calling cards or telephone costs and internet access for teleclasses.

Do I have to want to become a coach or mentor to take this course?
ife Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.
No. Many individuals from a wide variety of careers and industry or members of various organizations areas take part in our training for their own interest, personal and professional development. They find it increases productivity, self awareness, creativity and the ability to deal with the issues of daily life with more grace and ease.

Do you do customised training for my organisation? ife Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

Yes. We regualry create tailor-made or customised courses for corporate or government departments.

These range from a half-day workshop upwards and are available on request.

We work with you to deliver our specialised training in a way that works for you and your needs. We are able to deliver 1, 2 or 3 days workshops on a monthly basis or combine all the blocks together to create intensives over a number of weeks. We give you the choice of a full qualification, statements of attainment or specialised, customised in-house skill sets.

Contact us for a quote and a conversation about your needs today.

Request your prospectus or enrolment form and ezidebit payment form today! ife Coaching Coach Training Courses in Perth, Australia.

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