A warm welcome to the Global Coaching Academy  ACTP WEB


sittingWe have designed unique courses for those who are ready to start their life’s work and create lasting change for the better – for themselves individually as well as on a wider scale, reaching out through their sphere of influence into the community and out into the world.

Our courses are designed so that you work firstly on yourself, clearing anything that could get in the way of you being the very best you can be.  The tools and exercises assist you to get in touch with the authentic person that you are.  You get to experience the benefits of the tools – becoming a product of the product.  You then work with one another to gain practice, insight and wisdom (knowledge applied). 


There is plenty of hands-on experience and group support.  There are regular live teleconferences as well as group sessions via teleconference and webinars, where you get to ask questions, clarify understanding, be tutored or mentored and learn with your class mates.


Once more welcome, enjoy reading about the nationally recognised qualifications we offer and if you seek further information please contact us.